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Applying for a payday loan at Advance America is easy because you can apply online or at any one of their 2500 locations nationwide. If you need a cash advance, they are able to deposit money into your checking account quickly. Payday loans should be used as a temporary solution for quick cash that you are able to pay back within a short time period.

Another convenient service offered is the Advance America Visa Prepaid Cards, which can be obtained without an application or credit check. These cards are convenient because you can only use what you deposit onto them, eliminating any potential overdraft fees.  You may use them to pay online bills, make purchases and withdraw cash at ATMs. It is easy to reload the card with cash, payroll checks and government checks.

An Advance America Visa Prepaid Card is only valid for 120 days and must be upgraded before its expiration date. If you decide to upgrade, you incur a monthly fee of $4.95; then you must also decide on a plan option.  Frankly, it does not matter which plan you choose because all of them include many additional fees.

Advance America is also equipped to handle MoneyGram transactions such as money transfers, express payments and money orders. Additional services are also available including auto equity loans, installment loans, purchasing gold for cash, and tax preparation.

Before getting a payday loan with any company, consider other options. Try asking your employer for an advance, look for assistance through religious organizations, or apply for government assistance. Credit unions can also make cash advances and typically have a lower interest rate.

Some payday loan companies have been accused of granting predatory and abusive loans. Most of these companies have fees that can add up quickly and interest rates that can change at any time. Always read the fine print, you may be surprised to see what is written between the lines.

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