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About Apiary Investment Fund

The Apiary Investment Fund is a type of group investment program which promises to “train regular people to be successful money managers” and give them an opportunity to be more profitable than they would be on their own.

Anyone, of any experience, can sign up to investment with this company, because their primary goal is to train people in investment strategies. Everyone who signs up must participate in a Trader Development Program that is intended to help you regardless of the level of your previous experience.

Before you sign up, you must be willing to commit 30-60 minutes a day toward studying their program, beginning with an informational webinar which allows you to have all your questions answered.

Once you have completed the training course, you can begin investing into and with the fund, which is compiled by a community of traders who trade the “fund’s” money in order to create a profit.

Each time a successful trade is completed and a trader makes money, a portion of the money earned goes back into the fund, and up to 80% of the profits are given to the trader in exchange for their good work.

As your skills progress and you are able to make larger and more successful trades, you will be able to qualify for larger account sizes and have more opportunities to trade for larger profits.

People who are interested in this concept can register with Apiary Investment Fund in just two minutes, and for free. When registering, you’ll have to provide a date and time you’ll be available for your webinar.

After registering if something happens and you are not able to attend the live web cast, the company will be able to tape the webinar and send it to you so you will still have access to the information, though not to the question and answer session.

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